A Modern Take on Latch Hook

Textiles are one of the oldest forms of art, yet as artists we keep finding new and interesting ways to reinvent the art form.  Latch hook is a traditional way to create rugs.  More recently, this technique turned into a popular craft for adults as well as children.  I remember doing this craft for hours creating rugs with popular imagery such as Winnie the Pooh and other children's characters.  For our Mid-Century Modern Collection, I wanted to take a look back on Latch Hook and experiment with ways to add a modern twist to this traditional craft.

I started by experimenting with geometric designs that I created in Adobe Illustrator.  Once I was happy with the designs, I created a graph pattern to follow while I made my latch hooked wall hangings.

For the designs, I really wanted to use high quality yarn with different textures and thickness to create depth and dimension to the work.  I chose bulky Alpaca Wool, Sheep's Wool, and a high quality Acrylic yarn.

These projects were slow and labor intensive, but I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  I look forward to experimenting more with this technique and finding new ways to bring this craft back to life.  I'm so excited to share these wall hangings with you!