Bartram's Garden Outing

The four of us decided to create a collection inspired by our trip to Bartram's Garden.  We were very attached to the historic relevance and we were excited to create our pieces around the serene public garden.  The founder, John Bartram, bought the land in 1728 and planted his garden. A notable botanist and businessman in Philadelphia during the years leading up to 1776, he was a good friend of Benjamin Franklin, and in his garden he hosted the likes of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

The forty-five acre botanical garden appears quite suddenly after the long drive there, a journey that winds through a particularly gritty feeling part of the city. The grounds at Bartram’s are beautiful, but not overly manicured, which makes them all the more charming.

After a complete exploration of the grounds, which also include a meadow and a small working farm, we sat at a small patio table in the shadow of John Bartram’s 18th century stone house to discuss our collection.  We were all excited about the rich and bright colors, and we quickly fell into agreement about our color palette (a decision that has been known to take us a long time!) This is our strongest, and boldest, collection so far. Enjoy the Bartram Collection!