Egg Nog

This past weekend my friends in the neighborhood (including fellow Navona artist Christine) and I had our second annual neighborhood Christmas house crawl.  We started it last year as an alternative to a traditional Christmas party, we get to see everyone's houses decorated, and it takes the pressure off one person having to host a big party.  Instead, each host makes a holiday drink and snacks, we start at one house, and then walk from house to house throughout the night.  My house is the third of four stops, and I make my cranberry salsa and egg nog.

I've been making and drinking egg nog at Christmas time since I was a kid (though I started with the non alcoholic version of course!), but always find that when I first serve it to people, they think they won't like it because they've only ever had the kind out of a carton.  Real home made egg nog however tastes a lot like a vanilla milkshake, and I haven't found anyone who actually doesn't like it.  In fact after serving it last year, everyone was asking me if I made it again, and I ended up having to make more before we moved on to the next house!  Luckily the recipe is pretty simple, and can be thrown together quickly if you have the ingredients on hand.

The recipe is from an old cook book from at my parents house, the kind that has a lot of recipes submitted from people in the community.


6  eggs, well beaten

1 can sweeten condensed milk

4 cups milk

2 cups whipping cream, whipped to soft peaks

1 teaspoon vanilla

a pinch of salt

brandy or dark liquor of your choice (rum, and whisky work well)

nutmeg to taste


Beat the eggs well and then add the rest of the ingredients EXCEPT the whipping cream.  In a separate bowl whip the whipping cream until it forms soft peaks, and then fold into the rest of the mixture.  Be careful not to over whip the cream or it can be hard to mix in.

Pour into glasses, add a shot of brandy, and top with a sprinkle of nutmeg.  I like to use fresh grated nutmeg, it's such an interesting looking spice!


Merry Christmas!