Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts

Are you looking for a unique, handmade gift that will really WOW your Valentine? Check out our  favorite Navona Handmade picks for under $100.



Christine recommends: Gray Stripe Brandywine Stoneware Plate

"I bought one of these Brandywine Plates from Beth recently and I use it for storing my jewelry. My jewels are displayed beautifully, my favorite everyday pieces are easily accessible, and my necklaces never get tangled together. Love it!"


Jill recommends: The Cypress Earrings

"These are one of my favorite pieces from the Kennett Collection. They have a hand-carved texture, so you know every pair is one-of-a-kind."


Beth recommends: Man Overboard Handwoven Throw Pillow

"This handwoven pillow is so unique. Julia wove the textile for this pillow on an antique floor loom, then hand stitched the pillow. You'll never find anything else like it!"

Julia recommends: Bartram Collection Notecards

"I use these blank greeting cards for all occasions. It's so much easier than searching for a decent card from a big-box store. Instead, I just write my own heartfelt message every time!"