Meet the Makers - Our Favorite Shoes

Shoes can tell you so much about a person. Style, comfort vs. function, trendy vs. classic.  We thought that showing you our favorite shoes will give you a chance to interpret a little bit more about each of us.


I've had these Short Engineer boots by Frye for a couple of years now.  I wear them for about six months out of the year.  They're rugged, stylish, super comfortable, and they match my black and white capsule wardrobe perfectly.  From the city, to the woods, to the Pacific coast, these were the only shoes I needed for our trip to Portland!


My favorite shoes are these vintage Hush Puppies. I’ve had them for years now, they are the most comfortable shoes I own, and I think they might be indestructible! 


My all time favorite shoes are these Minnetonka moccasins.  I started wearing this style of shoe in college, and I still have not fallen out of love with them.  They are easy, comfortable, and look cute with almost any outfit!  To top it off, they last forever and are easy to replace when they get too worn out from wearing them almost every day!