Making of the Alice Mugs

I love seeing behind the scenes pictures from other artists (including my Navona partners!) but struggle with taking them myself. When I’m working my hands are always covered in muddy clay, or glaze, or dust!  Additionally, I’m always trying to find an angle that doesn’t show some particularly messy corner of my workspace, and then there’s the unflattering florescent lights. 

However, all this aside, I want to share some pictures I managed to take while I was working on pieces from our most recent Mid-Century Modern Collection.  This is far from a step by step account of the process, because apparently even my work in progress shots are a work in progress, but it is a small window into it, messy workspace and all.

These are some pictures of the making of the Alice mug.

These are the mugs as they come off the wheel, throwing as many as I could at one time helped me keep them consistent.

This is a mug as “greenware” clay that has been formed and is dry, but has yet to be fired (think baked but to nearly 2000 degrees).  I’m measuring this mug so I can see how much it shrinks after firing.

This is a mug as “bisqueware”, clay that has been through the first firing, and is ready to be glazed and fired again.  You can see from the measurement here how much the mug has shrunk through the firing process.

I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of any of the Alice mugs during the glazing process, whoops!  I’ll share some behind the scenes of another piece being glazed soon!

Finished Alice mugs!