Meet the Makers - New Year's Resolutions

Last month we started our monthly Meet the Makers series to give you the opportunity to get to know the makers behind Navona a little better.  This month, we wanted to share some of our New Year's Resolutions with you as we look forward to an exciting 2018!

I’m a pretty big reader, which probably isn't surprising as a librarian, but most of my reading time goes to my favorite guilty pleasure, mystery novels. (my favorites in this genre are Tana French, Megan Abbott, and the series J. K. Rowling is writing under the pen name "Robert Galbraith")  This year I’m trying to add more books to my reading list that teach me something, either professionally or personally.  I'm starting with a marketing book for Navona and a book about Mala beads to help me set even more good intentions for myself (P.S. please meet my pets, Sunny and Benjamin!)


My resolution this month is to meditate regularly. My brother, Nick, sent me this stone from a trip he took to Sedona. Since Nick and I help each other work on good habits, I decided to use this stone as a visual reminder for my mediation practice. When I see it on my end table, I remember to take a couple minutes to clear my mind.



This year I want to work towards being present.  To put down my phone, turn off social media, and be in the moment. The year 2017 was a life changing one for me.  I had a baby and moved 3,000 Miles across the country with my husband and son in pursuit of new and exciting experiences and opportunities.  

Now in 2018, my resolution is to be fully present for these daily experiences.  I want to notice the smiles, laughs, and conversations.  To notice the breeze and the colors of the trees around me.  After all, we never get to experience this day again.