Sketchbook Love: November Holiday Cards

Here's a peek at some of the sketches I've been working on this November. It's almost Christmas! I started out this session by following an ornament tutorial I found through Pinterest (follow us here!), and then worked my way through ideas for DIY greeting cards for the holidays. Keep an eye out for mix and match greeting cards at our upcoming holiday shows: West Elm King of Prussia (11/25, 12/16) and Crafty Balboa (12/9)!

Love how this turned out! It's very loose and relaxed. Splattering paint all over my paper at the end of this drawing was my favorite part!

Trying laying out calligraphy over a watercolor wash.

I'll take any excuse to get my calligraphy supplies out. I think the fanciful script is really appropriate for the holidays.

Trying out some different script layouts.


As a little present to my future self, I drew another pair of Christmas ornaments and left them blank. When I need a break next week, I'll take some time to myself and finish these off with watercolors.

What are you DIYing for the holidays?