We’re Going to Portland!

If you have been following along with us, you may already know that for about the last year, Navona has been a bi-coastal endeavor. Last spring Julia moved with her family from Philly to Portland, Oregon. We decided right away that instead of seeing this as an obstacle to our goals with Navona, that we would see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to think bigger, try harder, and prioritize our art and our friendships even more. This sometimes means sending projects through the mail, and utilizing a lot of technology to keep in touch. In some ways this has also definitely been a test of our commitment to Navona, but I am happy to say it is one I believe we have passed with flying colors. We miss having Julia here with us, but we still see her every Thursday through FaceTime for our weekly meeting.  

We are very excited though, because this weekend we are all going to be together in Portland for a West Coast Navona reunion. Christine, Jill, and I are traveling there to have our next outing (too soon for details on this, but we won’t make you wait long) as well as discussing some big ideas we have for Navona. We also plan on having a ton of fun, and spending a lot of much needed quality time together. Check back soon for a recap of our trip, and follow along with us on Instagram!