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What is Randyland?

Randyland was one of our favorite parts of our Pittsburgh trip! Randyland is "widely regarded as one of America's most colorful public art landmarks" according to Wikipedia, and was envisioned, created, and continues to be maintained by artist Randy Gilson. As we walked through the neighborhoods of the North Side, you could feel the excitement of people headed towards Randyland. As we got closer, people arrived by foot, scooter, and bicycle; it seemed that everyone was drawn in the same direction.

Navona Handmade - Selfies at the Mirror Wall in Randyland

Randyland, with it's brilliant colors and soft music, was like a beacon in an otherwise normal neighborhood. We walked around the perimeter of Randyland and peeked between the wooden slats of the fence before finding the entrance.

We posed with life-sized pictures of Randy, assuming that'd be the closest we'd get to him. Inside, we padded through an oversized sandbox, hula hooped, and took selfies in a mirror wall.

Right then, Randy arrived! The entire crowd paused to give him room and quiet. He spoke a lot about how he's a toolbox, and how everyone is a toolbox. You've already got all you need to start making the world better for other people.