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Sea Stack Vase

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The Sea Stack Vase was inspired by the sea stacks we saw on the Oregon Coast, specifically the famous Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach. Jutting up from the surf it is striking and majestic, and we have tried to capture part of that in the form of this vase.  Glazed matte white on the outside, the inside shows a peek of blue and green glaze which were intentionally allowed to drip to create an organic pattern, evocative of water and the surf.
Our favorite thing about this vase is the contrast between the white exterior and the colorful interior.  When you use this vase for flowers or greens, the white exterior lets them take center stage.  However when the vase is empty the striking interior glaze still makes a statement.  Perfect in any room, we really like this as a statement piece on a nightstand, or as a gift accompanied by a bouquet.   
    • Hand thrown in white stoneware
    • 9" tall X 3.25" wide
    • Dishwasher safe

    All pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade in Philadelphia.  Inconsistencies and variations are marks of the maker.

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