Sterling silver dangle earrings that have a textured, open teardrop shape with a textured chevron shape below.
Profile view of a smiling female model with short brown hair. Her hand is cupping her earlobe, and highlighting the sterling silver dangle earring she is wearing.

Monolith Earrings

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Inspired by the enormous rocks along the coast of Cannon Beach, the Monolith Earrings feature a double chevron design with both high polished and hand carved surfaces.  We finished these earrings with a darkened, oxidized finish on the sterling silver which helps accentuate the rocky, carved details.

These are dramatic drop earrings that transition easily from day to night.  Add a little artistic flair to your favorite outfit with these hand carved earrings.

    • Sterling silver, oxidized
    • Just over 1.75" long
    • Silver jewelry oxidizes naturally over time from interaction with air and our environment. Regular wear will help keep oxidation to a minimum. You can keep your silver jewelry looking its best by putting it on last (after perfume and hairspray), and by wiping clean after each wear

    All pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade in Philadelphia. Inconsistencies and variations are marks of the maker.

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